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Card printers

Modern printers used to print personalized cards can be equipped with a magnetic stripe encoder, electronic proximity cards encoder or electronic contact cards enocoder. The printer can be equipped with all the devices at the same time. What is more, card printers allow you to print in color or monochrome, print only on one or both sides. Card printers are characterized by high printing resolution and a simple operation.

TATOO RW Evolis card printer

TATOO RW Evolis card printer (read/write)

Tattoo RW is a simple to use, compact printer for plastic cards.

Evolis Zenius card printer

Evolis Zenius card printer (termotransferowa)

Zenius is an ideal tool for single-sided color card and high quality monochrome images printing.

Evolis Primacy card printer

Evolis Primacy card printer (termotransferowa)

Primacy is a modern printer used to print single or double-sided color and monochrome high quality cards.

Evolis Quantum2 card printer

Evolis Quantum2 card printer (termotransferowa)

Quantum2 is a high capacity device used to print and encode large amounts of plastic cards.

Evolis Securion card printer

Evolis Securion card printer (termotransferowa)

Securion combines both- the laminator and reliable printer. It is an ideal solution to create secure and high perfomance cards.
XID 8300 card printer

XID 8300 card printer (retransferowa)

Modular printer, single or duplex printing. EDIsecure ® Xid8300 retransfer has been developed for the industry.
XID 9300 card printer

XID 9300 card printer (retransferowa)

Modular printer for duplex printing EDIsecure ®Xid9300 has been developed to create large amount of cards with highly resistance printing.

Lamina XS Laminator

Lamina XS Laminator (Laminarka)

The most compact laminator for plastic cards LAMINA XS.